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Born to be Wild (Part Five) Goodbye to Park Land South of I-40

11/13/2020 9:06 AM | Billy Drakeford (Administrator)

Another thing we found interesting was when he mentioned park land on the other side of I-40 saying, They used to store the mattresses from Whispering Pines in a white barn by a pond over where SAS is now.  We had like 140 acres over on that side.”  What happened to it?” Jess asked and he jokingly said, You might want to cut off the microphone for this one.”  He said, There was an attempt before I-40 opened to take large sections of the park, which was shot down (one of many attempts).  After I-40 separated the park land, it was easier to chip off/sell those pieces that people probably didn’t realize were park land.  If you turn down Old Reedy Creek Road off Weston Parkway, the little blue house on the right used to be a Ranger residence.”  Who knew?  After doing a little research, it seemed that the park swapped that land for some that widened a section on the southeastern side of the park. 

Mr. Johnson is going to come over and visit again, and we are going to drive around and let him tell us what changes have happened.  We look forward to that.  Mr. Johnson said that memories of the times at Reedy Creek come up a lot in their family and one of their favorite sayings when someone is acting out is, It must be the Reedy Creek in you.” 

Thanks again to Mr. Johnson for his time and stories!

Know more to see more,

Ranger Billy

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