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Volunteers are vital to a successful event. Thanks to all for supporting William B. Umstead State Park. We will try to assign you to your selections; however, if a slot is filled, we may assign you to another task in the same time period - assignments are made in the order of receiving volunteer forms. Call (919) 852-2268 or e-mail for questions.

Volunteers must be at least 11 years of age. All volunteers under 18 must have waiver signed by a guardian or parent.

The tasks we need the most helpers are:  Afternoon set-up Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; Parking on Saturday; Take-down on Saturday. Please consider volunteering for these tasks.

For all tasks on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday afternoon in days leading up to the event, please park in the private meadow (access through the farm gate) at 6000 Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh.  All other times, call (919) 852-2268 to determine meeting place.

The Walk/Run/Bike for Umstead happens rain or shine.

Volunteers may purchase a T-shirt for $10 when they sign up here to volunteer OR at the event. ($5 discount)

2019 Pre-Registration, Packet Pickup events

(may include t-shirt folding and packet stuffing)

Saturday, March 23 (2-4pm). Park Visitor Center

Friday, March 29 (4-7 pm). Great Outdoor Provision (Cameron Village, Raleigh)

Saturday, March 30 (11-2 pm). REI (Raleigh store, North Hills)

Saturday, March 30 (4-7 pm). REI (Cary store)

Saturday, April 6 (10am-noon). Walk/Run/Bike site, Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh

Saturday, April 6 (1:30-5 pm). Inside-Out Sports (Cary store)

Friday, April 12 (5-7 pm). Reedy Creek Road at Walk/Run/Bike start location (Raleigh)

Saturday, April 13 (8- 9 am). Walk/Run/Bike site, Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh

Registration Packet Preparations Week leading up to event

9am-4pm week before event (times will depend upon volunteers availability. Please list times available in "Limitations or Questions field when signing up to volunteer – also call (919) 852-2268 to coordinate time and place to meet)

Site Prep

Putting up tents, site-prep.  Park at 6000 Reedy Creek Rd, Raleigh (drive through pasture gate).

Wednesday, April 10, Site Set-up

  • 3-5pm
  • 4-7pm

Thursday, April 11, Site Set-up

  • 1-4pm
  • 4-7pm

Friday, April 12, Site SET UP

  • 10am-1pm
  • 1-4pm
  • 4-8pm

Saturday, April 13, Day of event volunteers choices:

Putting up tents, site-prep, food serving, kids crafts, route tables, registration, etc.  Park at 6000 Reedy Creek Rd, Raleigh (drive through pasture gate). Sign-in at Volunteer Table.

SET-UP, Saturday, April 13

  • 6:30am-9am, April 13

PARKING, Saturday, April 13

  • 7am-10am
  • 10am-1:30pm
  • 11am-2pm (includes some signage take-down)

RUN TIMING SUPPORT, Saturday, April 13

  • 8:30am-11am

Photographer, Saturday, April 13

  • TAKE PHOTOS, Saturday (you will need your own camera)

Troubadour and Stage Musician, Saturday, April 13

  • 8am-noon (Troubador Musician) Troubadour musicians play music (non-amplified) on the Park trails during the Walk/Run/Bike. Only family-friendly songs allowed.  Note:  All the stage musicians have already been selected for this year's event.

 Exhibitor, Saturday, April 13 (invitees only)

  • 7am-1:30pm

 REGISTRATION, SALES, and ODD JOBS, Saturday, April 13

  • 7:00am-11:00am
  • 11am-2:00pm

ROUTE TABLES, Saturday, April 13.  Hand out fruit and water. Please bring a cell phone, please include number above and bring to the event.

  • 8am-noon

BIKE SAFETY for Walk/Run, Saturday, April 13. Support for the Walk/Run. You must provide your own mountain bike and wear a helmet. Please bring a cell phone if can, and enter number above. (note: if TORC member helping with the bike tours, please sign-up at

  • 9am-noon (Support for Run/Walk)
  • 9am-noon (TORC leaders)


  • 8am-11am
  • 11am-2pm

KID CRAFTS, Saturday, April 13 Supervise crafts with kids.

  • 8am-10am
  • 10am-1:30pm

TAKE DOWN, Saturday, April 13. Take down tents, dismantle stage and load into trailers.

  • 1:15-4:15pm
  • 3-6pm (feel free to start earlier)

The Umstead Coalition

We are dedicated to preserving the natural integrity of William B. Umstead State Park and the Richland Creek Corridor.