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2017 Walk/Run/Bike for Umstead

Saturday, April 22, 2017

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4-mile race results for the 2016 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010 Run/Walk are posted (click below):

Umstead 4-mile race results

(above, graphic on t-shirt front and back)

T-shirts are printed and are gorgeous!

2017 T-shirt features the stunning Monarch Butterfly graphic by Kristen Hall.  

The t-shirt is and Anvil 4.5oz soft cotton in color "Caribbean Blue."  There is a long sleeve option in Gildan color Sapphire, 6oz cotton.

2017 Walk/Run/Bike for Umstead


SPECIAL FREE GIFT: The 1st 75 to advance register will receive FREE "Farm to Feet" socks from Great Outdoor Provision Co .

Applications available at: Great Outdoor Provision Company, Inside-Out Sports, Neomonde Deli, Whole Foods, CupAJoe, Outdoor Bird Company, All Star Bike Shops, Burke Brothers, Sassools, REI, or at registration events:

Saturday, March 25 (2-4pm). Park Visitor Center

Saturday, April 1 (10-12 pm). Walk/Run/Bike site, Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh

Friday, April 7 (4-7 pm). Great Outdoor Provision (Cameron Village, Raleigh)

Saturday, April 8 (11-2 pm). REI (Raleigh store)

Saturday, April 8 (4-7 pm). REI (Cary, North Hills)

Saturday, April 15 (noon-2 pm). Inside-Out Sports (Raleigh, Brennon Station Shopping Center)

Friday, April 21 (5-7 pm). Reedy Creek Road at Walk/Run/Bike start location (Raleigh)

Saturday, April 22 (8- 9 am). Walk/Run/Bike site, Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh

* be among the 1st 75 people to register either on-line OR at registration events and receive a Free "Farm to Feet" Sock from Great Outdoor Provision Co. 

On-line registration will be open until MIDNIGHT on Thursday April 20. Registration WILL be accepted at the site on Friday evening and event day.

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Upcoming Events 

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03/24/2017 1:00 PM • 6000 Reedy Creek Rd, private pasture
04/22/2017 8:00 AM • 6000 Reedy Creek Rd, private pasture


RDU Airport Land Use Planning

Call to Action!  Help Umstead State Park from Bad Airport Ideas

At the October 20 meeting of the RDU Airport Authority Board we found it regrettable that the presentations at the committee and full Board meeting did not mention any specifics of the non-aviation land use plan that the Airport Authority Board approved as part of the "Preferred Alternative."   For example, the Airport Board voted to move forward with the only land use specified for the lands between Old Reedy Creek Road and William B. Umstead State Park/Crabtree Creek as "Quarry/Industrial."  We had worked hard to suggest specific changes that we were told would NOT have prevented the "Preferred Alternative" package to move forward for FAA approvals. On behalf of the thousands that responded on the public comments and/or signed a submitted petition on this issue, we believe that this extremely important land use issue should have been part of the public presentations and discussion at yesterday's Board meeting.

With that said, with one-one conversations with the RDU Airport staff and Airport Authority Board Members, we understand that there IS a strong willingness to continue to have constructive conversations and find 'Win-Win" solutions for the RDU Airport, Wake County Crabtree Lake Park, William B. Umstead State Park, and our community.  We believe that for any effective land use master planning process, all viable alternatives need to be fully evaluated.

We look forward to continue to work with all the 4 local government owners of the RDU Airport, it staff, and its Board to fully evaluate and find better community land use solutions for the RDU Master Plan.

We are asking the Airport Authority ADD "Recreation" to the land use 'pods' south of Aviation Parkway and that the RDU Forest Trail Center concept be fully evaluated.  Currently, the ONLY land use option specified for the area between Old Reedy Creek Road and William B. Umstead State Park is "Quarry/Industrial."


Help stop detrimental aspect of RDU Airport proposed plans to William B. Umstead State Park and its Surrounds.

The current "Preferred Alternative" proposes that all the forested lands between Old Reedy Creek Road and William B. Umstead State Park (including Lake Crabtree County Park) be developed into:  a rock quarry, office park, paved areas, employee parking, overflow rental cars, and similar industrial and commercial development.

WE are offering a superior community vision that will assist the airport with revenue streams and enhance this corridor with a “RDU Forested Trail Center.”  (and, YES, the FAA allows this use on airport property). And, yes, it would entail revenue streams for the airport via leases to brewery, bike rental, outdoor retail, conference/meeting space, hotel, parking, cafĂ©, perhaps zip line, and more!

YOUR input is VERY IMPORTANT to show the tremendous public support for our vital community asset (natural forested trails)!!!

What YOU can do:

1. Submit your comments by clicking the “Comments” tab in the dark blue banner at the top of the following website:

2.     Write an Editorial to the News and Observer.  The more that are submitted, the more likely some will be printed.  Click on this web site to submit our Letter to the Editor:

3.  Talk to and email your airport board and local elected officials:

RDU Airport Authority Members:

Adirennne Cole:

Dickie Thompson:

John Kane:

Farad Ali:

Robert Teer:

Larry Zucchino:        

RDU Airport President and CEO:

Raleigh City Council members:

Wake County Board of Commissioners:

Sig Hutchinson:

Jessica Holmes:

Matt Calabria:

Caroline Sullivan:

James West:

Betty Lou Ward:

John D. Burns:


Durham County Commissioners:

Durham City Council Members:


4.     Sign the Petition hosted by TORC to save the forested lands near Old Reedy Creek Road:

Tell the airport that you:

1.     OPPOSE  a quarry built next to William B. Umstead State Park on environmental sensitive lands that drain into our Park and Crabtree Creek

2.     SUPPORT a RDU Forest Trail Center that includes 50 MILES of single track/pedestrian trails. See our concept map: RDU Forest Trail Center Concept revised 9-20-16.pdf

Economics DO support the RDU Forest Trail Center Concept:

Rex Schaberg economic analysis of quarry vs Forest Trail Center, ppt 2016_9_29 2-up for public.pdf

Rex Schaberg letter to Landguth, RDU President 9-15-16.pdf

Public value to Forested Recreational areas:

Schabert et al., 1999. Ascribing value to ecological processes: an economic view of environmental change. Forest Ecology and Management. 114:329-338. (click here for pdf)

3. Oppose "Relocated" Commerce Blvd being built along William B. Umstead State Park's boarder!

 PLEASE make your comments heard !!

More:  Federal Guidelines and Land Deeds/agreements for airport lands at Lake Crabtree County Park and along Old Reedy Creek Park Road: 

1st-Fed regs and legislature that forms RDU Airport Authorith from Packet from RDU Attorney 9-16-16 with ORC.pdf

2nd-Deeds from land sales along Old Reedy Creek Rd from Packet from RDU Attorney 9-16-16 ORC-2.pdf

3rd-Wake County Crabtree Lake and County Park agreements from Packet from RDU Attorney 9-16-16 with ORC-3.pdf


FAA EIS desk-ref.pdf


The Umstead Coalition is dedicated to the appreciation, use, and preservation of the William B. Umstead State Park and the Richland Creek Natural Area.
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