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NC State Parks Supports the Purchase of the Odd Fellows tract and  the "286" tract to expand William B. Umstead State Parks

NC State Parks maintains a Critical Land Acquisition list for the park.  For many years they have recognized the need to preserve both the Odd Fellows and 286 East tracts, to protect the park and expand it to meet growing park usage.  See pages 15-16 in the Management Plan for Umstead State Park.

The Odd Fellows Tract and the "286" Tract has been identified by NC State Parks as "Critical Land Acquisition" for water quality protection and single-track bike trails.  NC State Parks has put in writing their strong desire and support to purchase both the the Odd Fellows tract and the "286" tracts.  The NC State Park submitted a strong letter in support of The Conservation Fund's to purchase the Odd Fellows Tract for inclusion into William B. Umstead State Park. 2017 Letter to support purchase of the Odd Fellows Tract.  2019 Letter from NC State Parks offering to purchase "286."  

Wake County Commissioners and Wake County Open Space and Parks Advisory Committee

Wake County Commissioners approved a resolution supporting the purchase of the Odd Fellows Tract by the Conservation Fund in October 2017. They also requested the University of North Carolina’s (UNC) School of Government to conduct an introductory feasibility analysis to examine the potential of a recreation-themed development program south of the primary facilities at RDU. Read the analysis now.

Wake County Open Space and Parks Advisory Committee have also issued statements opposing the quarry requesting denial of the permit.

Town of Morrisville

The Town of Morrisville unanimously passed a Resolution on June 23, 2020 requesting the NC Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) deny the mining permit application.

City of Raleigh

Raleigh City Council for issuing a statement on September 17, 2019 stating their opposition to the proposed RDU quarry. They also said the RDUAA should have obtained the City’s permission before entering into the quarry lease.

Town of Cary

The Town of Cary has engaged a consultant to evaluate the potential impacts to Town facilities including the North Cary Water Reclamation Facility, Old Reedy Creek Road and Cary’s one-lane bridge.

NC Senator Wiley Nickel

North Carolina State Senator Wiley Nickel issued a Press Release on June 23, 2020 asking for denial of the Mining Permit Application. 

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