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Town of Cary: Get the Facts - Wake Stone Quarry and Odd Fellows Parcels

06/30/2020 10:08 PM | Anonymous

From the Town of Cary's website:

The Town has been following this project and has met with citizens who have expressed concerns. Most recently, Umstead Coalition representatives raised concerns about the project’s potential impact to Town facilities, including the North Cary Water Reclamation Facility. The Town also has an interest in the portion of Old Reedy Creek Road, including the bridge, that is located south of I-40. Based on this, staff have engaged one of our on-call consulting firms to help us monitor the permitting of the new RDU mine. The consultant will help us monitor developments in the complex and unfamiliar permitting process to ensure regulators have the information they need to avoid unintended impacts to Town facilities. We want to remain open to the expressed concerns of citizens and neither validate or set-aside their concerns without independently validating them with our consultants.

The public is invited to participate in the hearing online or listen by phone. Only previously registered speakers will have the opportunity to speak.  

Read on the Town of Cary's website

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