The Umstead Coalition
Dedicated to the appreciation, use, and preservation of the William B. Umstead State Park and the Richland Creek natural area

The Umstead Coalition has been working since 1972 to ensure that we, our children and our grandchildren will continue to enjoy the glory of our Park. Below are some highlights of our recent accomplishments.  

Celebrating 85th Anniversary of William B. Umstead State Park (Your Park since 1934)

Our park was established as a National Park in 1934 and began construction in 1935.  We held a series of special events to celebrate the people that once lived in the Park and our 80 years as a public treasure.

Restoring and Preserving the Historic Cabins at William B. Umstead State Park

With the help of $45,000 in grants from REI, donations to The Umstead Coalition and over 7,000 volunteer hours, 106 of the historic cabins and mess halls located in the four group camps at Umstead State Park have been preserved.  These buildings were built in the 1930’s an 1940’s by the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) and Works Progress Administration (WPA). The siding repair and a new roof for the mess hall at Sycamore Group Camp is happening this fall.  We’ll next work on cleaning of the interior of the Mess Hall so it can be used. As a result of these continuing efforts these historic structures can be used for outdoor recreation for generations to come. 

We're installing 50 parking pads within the Scyamore Group camp and improving a trail access directly to Sycamore Lake at a recently restored fishing dock.  With the restoration of Sycamore Mess Hall and adjacent lodge/cabins and the new parking pads, we are working towards opening the Sycamore Mess Hall area for Special Day Uses.  We are proud to be working towards once again opening this valuable Park resource that the Umstead Coalition saved from demolition some years ago.

Stories in Stone Is a Treasure!                                                                            

See our website and face book page for why we feel this book should be in your life also. It is available at local book stores and the Umstead Park Visitor Center.  Written by Tom Weber it contains many oral histories from people who lived in what is now Umstead State Park, as well as mapped hikes to the historic sites.  There are over 400 photos and illustrations.

We are currently working on a full-color hiking guide for the 4 walks featured in “Stories In Stone.”  With this project, all the sites will have GPS coordinates and photos of what the sites look like today when you visit (as well as photos of what the sites looked like in the early 1900’s when available). 

Umstead State Park Trails

We are currently working with Park staff on a trail reroute for Loblolly Trail and a much needed new replacement bridge over Reedy Creek.  We are also working with the Park to request funds to assist improving the steep sections of the multi-use trail to enable better drainage and maintenance.  And, we continue to assist with maintenance of the pedestrian trails.

KILL Japanese Stilt Grass NOW Campaign Continues

The Umstead Coalition continues its effort to control invasive plants, especially Japanese Stilt Grass (microstegium vimineum), in the Park.

Neighborhood and Park Access

The Umstead Coalition recognizes the desire for Park users to access the Park at locations close to their neighborhoods.  We are working with local and state agencies to ensure safer neighborhood accesses, as well as helping to evaluate parking options.  We are working with local governments to assist with greenway trail access to the Park. There is much more to be done and The Umstead Coalition is actively working with numerous partners to improve the safety of neighborhood access and parking options.

Walk/Run/Bike for Umstead

Our annual Walk/Run/Bike for Umstead took place in April.  Participants in the Walk/Run/Bike included runners, walkers, babies in strollers, and pets on leashes.  They were serenaded along the route by musical troubadours and greeted at the finish with great snacks and acoustic music from the stage. Funds raised are used for the benefit of William B. Umstead State Park.

Protecting William B. Umstead State Park

There are constant threats to the wellbeing of the Park and there are rules that protect the Park. The Umstead Coalition serves as a watchdog to ensure the rules are followed.  We work to ensure that protections outlined in Raleigh’s Metro Park Protection Overlay District are enforced. These protections include: an undisturbed tree buffer (no cutting or grading) along the Park Boundary, undisturbed tree buffer maintained along all drainage ways that flow to the Park and drain 5 acres or more. We worked with the Raleigh City Council and staff to continue these protections under their new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO, or zoning code). 

Volunteering with the Richland Creek Stream Watch

Our volunteers pick up trash, monitor the health of Richland Creek, and maintain Park trails. We maintain a photo log of the condition of Richland Creek and report problems to the City of Raleigh Adopt-A-Stream and State of North Carolina Stream Watch programs.  See dates and signup at

Funds to Support William B. Umstead State Park

The money the Umstead Coalition brings to the Park is the only way that people can directly donate funds to help William B. Umstead State Park.  The Umstead Coalition serves as the conduit to help William B. Umstead State Park.  Donations to The Umstead Coalition are tax deductible.  Also, if your employer has a matching donation program – please partcipate.  We appreciate those extra gifts!

Thanks for supporting William B. Umstead State Park!
The Umstead Coalition is dedicated to the appreciation, use, and preservation of the William B. Umstead State Park and the Richland Creek Natural Area.
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