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The Umstead Coalition 
Celebrating Umstead State Park since 1934!

2014 Photo Contest Winners

34 photo(s) Updated on: 09/20/2015
  • Company Mill. Honorable Mention. Location: Dam Ruins near the intersection of the Company Mill and Inspiration Trails, adjacent to Crabtree Creek. Date: 1/9/2010. Photographer: Matt Grzebien
  • Early Model. Honorable Mention. Location: Near Power Line Right of Way. Date: 4/26/2014. Photographer: Jason Brown
  • Stone Bridge over Sycamore Creek. By: Aliasghar Marjani. 7/12/14. Honorable Mention (Footprints). Stone bridge of Graylyn trail over Sycamore Creek
  • No Hunting. By: Karen Judge. 5/11/14. Honorable Mention (Stories). Sycamore Trail.
  • A Tree Stands Out. By: Sreekar Mantena. 6/15/14. 1st Place (Youth). Amidst the green flora in Umstead State Park, a unique tree stands out.
  • No Looking Back! By: Naveen Bellary. 6/21/14. Honorable Mention (Footprints). Oak Rock Trail.
  • Company leaving the millstone. By: Alison Consol. 6/22/14. 1st Place (Stories). Company Mill Trail - millstone monument site, downstream from Company Mill site.
  • Fishing Lake Sycamore. By: Charles Michener. 5/11/14. Honorable Mention (Footprints).
  • Screech owl. By: Cynthia Payne. 4/20/12. Honorable Mention (Flora and Fauna). Location: 2012 Walk/Run/Bike for Umstead, American Wildlife Refuge raptor rescue exhibit.
  • Fall Pathways. 10/29/08. Adult. By: Lee Dawson. Honorable Mention (Flora and Fauna)
  • Class IV Sycamore Creek. By: Cynthia Payne. 5/6/13. Honorable Mention (Footprints).Location: At the base of the dam below Sycamore Lake after torrential rainfall.
  • Scaly Giants. By: Ashwin Gadiraju. 2nd place (Youth). 6/22/14. Location: Sycamore Trail.
  • The Blue Eyed Prince Of the Netherworld. By: Sameer Potdar. Honorable Mention (Flora and Fauna) 4/27/14. Northern Water Snake about to shed skin next to Crabtree Creek near the Company Mill Trail.
  • A Romantic Evening Walk. By: Sameer Patdar. 1st Place (Footprints). 2/21/14.
  • Umstead marathon - the last climb. By: Guy de Burgh. 3/6/10. Honorable Mention (Footprints) Location: "Cemetery Hill"
  • Company Mill Site. By: Pete Vandeberg. 12/8/12. 2nd Place (Stories)
  • Sycamore Loop Red-Shouldered Hawk. By: Ben Wolfe. 12/23/11. 2nd Place (Flora and Fauna) Location: Sycamore Loop Trail.
  • Curious. By: Knox McMillan. 4/12/12. 1st Place (Flora and Fauna). Location: Rough Green Snake on Bridal Trail near Trenton Road.
  • Day with Dad. By: Knox McMillan. 6/30/10. 2nd Place (Footprints). Location: Pond off Loblolly Trail.
  • Reflections. By: Greg Mills. 6/20/11. Honorable Mention (Stories). Company Mill site with Dam stone ruins.
  • Creekside Autumn. By: Richard Carter. 10/28/09. Honorable Mention (Flora and Fauna. Location: Company Mill Tree at Crabtree Creek.
  • 'Good Times' Paddle Boat Adventure. By: Karlie Zajac. 7/7/14. Honorable Mention (Footprints).
  • Pink Lady Slipper Surprise. By: Georgina Jones. 4/23/13. Honorable mention (Flora and Fauna). Location: Reedy Creek Trail.
  • Snowy Oaks. By: Cole Bachmann. 2/14/14. Honorable Mention (Youth).
  • Lonesome Flowerets. By: Justin Chen. 6/26/14. Honorable Mention (Youth).
  • Reedy Creek. By: Brad Young. 1/27/11. Honorable Mention (Stories). Loc: Historic building behind large picnic shelter at the Company Mill Trailhead. Reedy Creek section
  • Boletus campestris. By: Martha Songayllo. 8/26/12. Honorable Mention (Flora and Fauna). Loc:Sycamore Trail, near Pott's Branch Trail, along the creek.
  • Twilight dreaming. By: Sandra Strong. 2/12/14. Honorable Mention (Flora and Fauna) Loc: ON the ridge above the blue diamond trail, off trail laying in woods.
  • No hurry. By: Byron Morton. 9/12/11. Honorable Mention (Flora and Fauna). Loc: Box turtle taken near airport overlook on bike/bridle trail.
  • Birdwatching. By: Stephanie Haines. 3/28/12. Honorable Mention (Footprints).
  • Canoe Time. By: Lynn R. Morris. 6/20/14 Honorable Mention (Footprints). Location: Big Lake, Umstead State Park
  • Fall Foliage on Big Lake. By: Justin Paul. 11/11/12. Honorable Mention (Flora and Fauna). Loc: Near the south end of Big Lake.
  • Sunset on Bare Oak By: Tom Bloom. Date:11/27/10 Honorable Mention (Flora and Fauna). Location: Sycamore Trail
  • Creek Collect,Creek Reflect. By Leslie German. 10/31/09 Honorable Mention (Flora and Fauna). Company Mill Trail.

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