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The Umstead Coalition 
Celebrating Umstead State Park since 1934!

2022 Photo & Illustration Winners

49 photo(s) Updated on: 08/24/2022
  • Zoomin'. 1st Place. Photographer: Richard Carter
  • Laurel Decorating Crabtree Creek. 1st Place. Photographer: Holly Amato
  • Green Heron Spotlight. 1st Place. Photographer: Michele Geraghty
  • Hiking is Happiness. 1st Place. Illustrator: Raj Patel
  • The Bridge!. 1st Place. Photographer: Greg Hamlyn
  • Ants view. 1st Place Youth. Photographer: Madison McRae
  • Making Waves. 2nd Place. Photographer: John Livingston
  • Pearl Crescent. 2nd Place. Photographer: Ryan Imperio
  • Light & Love. 2nd Place. Photographer: Jacki Park
  • A Butterfly Day. 2nd Place. Illustrator: Sameer Potdar
  • Stone Wall. 2nd Place. Photographer: Raj Patel
  • Slow Hiker. 2nd Place Youth. Photographer: Charlotte Livingston
  • Blue Eyes, White Water. Honorable Mention. Photographer: Aubrey Hood
  • Cycling Into Forest Light. Honorable Mention. Photographer: Georgina Jones
  • Lost In Thought. Honorable Mention. Photographer: Alisha McNamara
  • Morning mist and cyclist. Honorable Mention. Photographer: Ernest Tito Craige
  • Nature Called. Honorable Mention. Photographer: STEPHANIE VICKERS
  • Nature Care. Honorable Mention. Photographer: Raj Patel
  • Runner's High. Honorable Mention. Photographer: Arianne Hemlein
  • Snow on Sycamore. Honorable Mention. Photographer: Adam Trevillian
  • Tranquility at the Lake. Honorable Mention. Photographer: Julie Yacynych
  • Lizard Friend. Photographer: David "J" Hallen
  • Northern Dusky Salamander. Photographer: Christopher Boyce
  • Toad at home. Photographer: Ekaterina Korobkina
  • Autumn Reflections. Photographer: Richard Carter
  • Canadian Geese in Flight. HM. Photographer: Greg Hamlyn
  • Calm and Still. Photographer: Raj Patel
  • Fiddleheads. Photographer: Pete Vandeberg
  • Fungi In The Park. Photographer: Julie Yacynych
  • Pleurotus levis. Photographer: Geoff Balme
  • Deer at Home. HM. Photographer: Arianne Hemlein
  • Sweet Knot. HM. Photographer: Sarah Mullin
  • Sycamore Mushroom. Photographer: Claudia Egge
  • Umbrella Magnolia Beauty. Photographer: Georgina Jones
  • Winter's Sacred Geometry. Photographer: Neal Lord
  • Don't Rush Me. Photographer: Marc Siegel
  • Flight. Photographer: Bart Reier
  • Foliage. Honorable Mention. Illustrator: Sameer Potdar
  • A Shift in Moments. Photographer: Alisha McNamara
  • A small space inside a big place. Photographer: Neal Lord
  • Bridge. Photographer: Tiffany Willis
  • Forgotten Fireplace. Photographer: Julie Yacynych
  • Heron on the Dam Wall. Photographer: Anna Winters
  • Lost in the Fog. Photographer: Arianne Hemlein
  • Stone Flow. Photographer: Aubrey Hood
  • Sneaky Snake. Photographer: Kaitlyn Molnar
  • Turkey Tails. Honorable Mention. Illustrator: Sarah Mullin
  • Trout Lily. Honorable Mention. Illustrator: Sarah Mullin
  • Butterflies in the Park. Honorable Mention. Illustrator: Scholle Emilia

The Umstead Coalition

We are a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the natural integrity of William B. Umstead State Park and the Richland Creek Corridor.


The Umstead Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.