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NC Division of Parks & Recreation asks DEQ to deny the mining permit for RDU Quarry

12/02/2021 2:48 PM | Anonymous

Thanks to the NC Division of Parks & Recreation for their official response seeking denial of Wake Stone's latest submission for a new quarry pit on the Oddfellows Tract, public land owned by Wake and Durham Counties, and Cities of Raleigh and Durham.

NC Parks couldn't be more explicit, a new quarry only 25 feet from Umstead State Park will harm the park, wildlife, and public safety.

Wake Stone admits in their submittal the Oddfellows tract is too small to support mining and lacks sufficient access. It can only be FORCED into production by permanently destroying Neuse River Buffers to construct a massive private bridge over Crabtree Creek, so hundreds of heavy trucks daily can transport the public's mineral resource to their current pit for processing.

Unfortunately, RDU might earn about the equivalent of a terminal concessionaire over the same time, while accepting perpetual liability for the abandoned pit.

The Umstead Coalition and others are doing our best to save this unique wilderness tract, long targeted for acquisition and inclusion in the Park, but we are facing influential and well funded interests.

Fending off the destruction of public lands for the benefit of a private company, will only be accomplished because our community holds officials accountable. Please join us in opposition to this ill conceived scheme and protect William B. Umstead State Park.

Read the Park's letter here>>

Submit comments to DEQ asking them to the deny the mining permit here>>

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