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Full Interview with Erv Portman, Former Wake County Commissioner

02/04/2020 10:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Former Wake County Commissioner, Erv Portman, was interviewed by Charles Morris for the film 400 Feet Down. Erv is able to discuss the subject of the proposed Wake Stone Quarry on public vs. private land as few others can, given his past record of service to the community. Erv was also on a planning committee for the Town of Cary. This video is the full unedited version of that conversation from June 2019.

Short on time? Jump to these timestamps in the video.

2:00 - A description of RDU Airport Authority meetings with consultant stating that airports and parks are incompatible. Erv counters this point

6:14 - There are good people with legitimate concerns on all sides. But when you look at a growth map of the RDU region, which one fits best use? Quarry or Forest?

9:40 - Appropriate use of land. Is it a sale or a lease?

12:17 - History of Odd Fellows

13:56 - Responsibility of the RDUAA

16:30 - Why does the RDU Airport Authority given so much authority and who appoints the RDUAA?

18:42 - Fiduciary Responsibility, FAA guidelines and leasing land for public good

22:00 - Time, value of money and compatible uses

24:10 - Greenways, community, engagement and communications between RDUAA and the people who appoint them.

27:46 - What is the best way for citizens to engage on this issue?

31:50 - An effective resolution

This full interview can also be enjoyed in Podcast format. Listen here: https://www.400feetdown.com/videos

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