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The Annual Umstead Coalition Photography Contest – Catch the Spirit of William B. Umstead State Park by Arianne Hemlein

05/03/2019 1:01 PM | Arianne Hemlein (Administrator)

Winter Reflections in Umstead State Park by Arianne HemleinWalking through Umstead State Park at dawn after a rainy evening, you are struck by the way the early rays of the sun are creating tiny rainbows in rain drops suspended from a low branch, so you snap a picture with your phone. Or maybe a few months ago, while hiking along Loblolly, you noticed a deer and her fawn along the riverbank, and you had just enough time to capture an image before they darted off into the cover of the woods.  Perhaps you photographed the stunning efeects of an early spring snowstorm blanketing the trails in white.  Photos like these are meant to be shared and appreciated, not hidden away in your camera, phone or computer.  

The annual Umstead Coalition Photography Contest - “Catch the Spirit of William B. Umstead state Park” showcases local talent, both amateur and professional, and highlights meaningful moments and beautiful sights available to visitors to Umstead throughout the year.  Winning photos will grace the pages of the park’s 2020 calendar, which will be availaable for sale in the visitor center. 

Delve through your photos to see if you have something to share. Submit entrees in one or all of three categories including, flora and fauna, park structures & history, and people engaged in park activities.  

Youth photographers under the age of 16 are encouraged to participate as well and will be judged in their own cateories. 

Remember there are 12 months to every year and 12 calendar pages dedicated to each month, so consider submitting pictures of the icy cold, and starkly gray days of winter as well as the sunny, active days of summer. Make sure that your image has a high enough definition to be enlarged without losing clarity and detail, because your image just might end up being selected to hang on display in the Visitor Center for all to enjoy before appearing in the calendar.

If you don’t feel like you have any photos worthy of submission, why not plan a visit to the park with the sole purpose of searching out original beauty, intersting composition, color, and contrast.  I make a point of having my phone or camera on me every time I venture onto the trail.  You never know when you might stumble upon an amazing fungus, unexpected wildlife, or a misty morning of incrdible beauty.  

We’d love to see your unique visions of your backyard park and honor and share them. The deadline for submissions is May 26. You can see winning images from past year, find photo submission guidelines, and registration details on the Umstead Coaltiion Website.

Arianne HemleinThistle in Umstead State park by Arianne Hemlein


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