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New Quarry Site Plans from Wake Stone Reveal Greater Impact to Umstead State Park

09/03/2021 12:33 PM | Anonymous

Wake Stone submitted new site plans to DEQ and we are very concerned  — and you should be too. The new site plans propose an even bigger mining pit and smaller protective buffers!

Reduced protective buffers and new 16-24' concrete wall to be built along the Umstead State Park boundary

The current quarry should be stopping operation in 2031, but it isn't

Wake Stone's new plans propose only a 25 foot buffer along much of the boundary with Umstead State Park and the Old Reedy Creek multi-use trail (now part of the State's greenway system). 

25 feet is only 1.5 car lengths.

And along much of that 25 foot border, they plan plan to build a concrete wall between 16 to 24 feet tall.

Blasting is now proposed to be within 100 feet of Umstead State Park.

And if that wasn't enough, there's more  Wake Stone proposes to substantially decrease the protective buffers on their existing Triangle Quarry off of Harrison Ave (Cary entrance to Umstead State Park) and use haul roads near our Park boundary for increased quarry truck traffic and noise!

A one word change to the Wake Stone mining permit application in 2018 allowed this to happen (behind closed doors). Read more about the Sunset Clause scandal on NC Policy Watch.

Governor Cooper has the power to make DEQ honor the terms of the original mining permit and stop the current quarry operations in 2031. If this happens, the proposed RDU Quarry will not be able to move forward. 


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