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Blasting from Wake Stone’s Proposed Rock Mine Dangerous

11/26/2021 4:20 PM | Anonymous

With your support, The Umstead Coalition contracted with a national blasting expert, Kenneth K. Eltschlager.

Eltschlager's independent analysis confirmed what we suspected: significant adverse effects to William B. Umstead State Park, East Coast Greenway, and a private residence (and perhaps Cary’s Water Reclamation Plant) are likely from blasting with a proposed new rock mine on the Odd Fellows Tract.

The quarry application (August 4, 2021 Site Plans) proposes to conduct mining operations within 25 feet of Umstead State Park and blasting 65 feet from the Park boundary and 175 feet of the Dunn home.

Based on the available blasting information Wake Stone provided with their application, our expert analysis estimated structural or person/pet damage to the nearby private home likely and can happen to persons in the Park, East Coast Greenway, or private residences.

Read our expert’s Adverse Effect Analysis he submitted to DEQ-Mining here>>

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