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The Umstead Coalition 
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Superior Court Judge Rules in Favor of the Umstead Coalition: Sunset Clause Case Moves Forward

12/07/2023 8:51 PM | Anonymous

BIG WIN TODAY! The Superior Court Judge John Smith ruled in favor for the Umstead Coalition today on our Sunset Clause Case. He ruled we were NEVER given proper notice to be able to Appeal the 2018 Mining Permit that took away the Sunset Clause and undisturbed protective buffers. Finally, after years of DEQ and Wake Stone attempting to prevent us - we finally move forward to a contested case on the merits. AND, our case is strong!

There are many roads ahead in this fight. Thanks to the citizens who were in court. We do have another related Motion Hearing on Monday, December 11, 10am Wake County Court House. Thanks for everyone helping to protect William B. Umstead State Park!

The Umstead Coalition

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