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Senate Bill 486 proposed to take land from Umstead State Park

06/22/2015 4:59 PM | Anonymous

NC Senate Bill 486 Propose to Swap Lands between Umstead State Park and RDU Airport, May 20 2015

Fortunately, this bill is 'on-hold' (and we hope 'dead') in the Senate Rules and Operations Committee.  Senator John Alexander has reached out to The Umstead Coalition to let us know that IF the bill goes forward, he would bring the various parties together to work out a solution that would help all parties.

Map of proposed swap:  S486 5-21-15 RDU Umstead_map May 2015 cropped.pdf

Senate Bill 486, Version 5-20-15: s486v2 transfer of Park land proposed May 20, 2015.pdf    

Key issues include:

  • Taking of State Park land that is not consistent with the Park Master Plan, nor any public input planning process
  • Not including the single-track trails of Rocky Road and 286 area
  • RDU would be able to develop as close as 20 feet from Reedy Creek Trail along the trail section from the Airport overlook to almost Park gate on Old Reedy Creed Road
  • Conversion of existing State Park land to other uses without Master Planning and public input
  • Loss of our forested land on north side of Glenwood Ave
  • Creation of another Trust Fund that will add increased fees at 39 State Parks that will benefit the other 1 State Park
  • Proposed reliance on Park admission fees to fund this new Trust Fund (and those fees won't even be used in the State Parks for which they would be collected!)
  • Excluding trails from environmental regulations related to trail construction, maintenance and removal

To find your House or Senate member, you can do so at the link below:


Senate Bill 486 sponsors from Wake County:




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