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Dec'18 - NC Park Trust Fund Danger stopped due to huge public outcry

01/01/2019 3:25 PM | Jean Spooner (Administrator)

Update:  By the end of December 2018 this latest NC Park Trust Fund Danger was stopped due to huge public outcry - thanks everyone!

NC Park Trust Fund in Danger

Senate Bill 821 had been filed in December 2018 by Senator Andy Wells, Catawba County.  It would sunset the NC Parks Trust Fund and Clean Water Management Trust Fund.  The Umstead Coalition has already sent emails to our Legislatures asking for this very BAD bill to be defeated.

The NC Park Trust Fund and the NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund have been key funding mechanisms to LOCAL GOVERNMENTS and STATE PARKS on a state-wide basis.  The water quality and recreational infrastructure funding provided under these Trust Funds have had multiplicative returns in increased:  water protections, recreational assets, economic growth, and jobs.  As such, they have tremendous support from the local governments around NC.  As well as the Citizens of NC. 

Thanks to all who contacted your Senator and Representative and ask them to OPPOSE S821.  To find who represents your:

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