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DEQ maintains oversight over protecting streams at RDU Airport!

08/08/2019 8:36 PM | Jean Spooner (Administrator)

RDUAA request to be exempted to some of the Neuse Buffer Rules FAILED.

Thanks to all the citizens and our local Senators and Representatives that stood up and said "no."

However, the definition of "Airport Facilities" was broadened which allows more options for streams to be destroyed "with mitigation."  That is never as good for the environment as keeping our healthy streams intact.  

We hope that RDUAA works with DEQ to ensure the policy of avoidance first, then minimization, and mitigation as the last option will be followed.  That is the best process to protect the water quality and quantify of Crabtree Creek and Umstead State Park.  All the airport lands drain directly into Umstead State Park, or via Crabtree Creek.

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