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STOP RDU Quarry !!

RDU Airport Authority is trying to move forward to destroy our forested PUBLIC lands for a quarry adjacent to Umstead State Park!  

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Sign the Petition

We have more than 16,000 signatures, but the more the better!  Be counted and show how important this is to the community.


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Help PREVENT the destruction of our public lands.  STOP THE RDU QUARRY!

RDU’s Airport Authority is quickly moving forward with plans to allow Wake Stone to expand their quarry onto public lands.  The 105 acre Oddfellows Tract, adjacent to Wm. B. Umstead State Park, was acquired for a runway but never built.  The property is heavily forested, supporting a variety of wildlife, with associated environmental benefits.

Long term leasing of the Oddfellows Tract for a quarry serves no aviation purpose and allows a private company to deplete public land of its mineral resource and value, leaving the next generation of Triangle residents to deal with a massive hole and associated liabilities.

The Conservation Fund offered to purchase the Oddfellows Tract for market value and combine it with Wm. B. Umstead State Park.  If RDU’s decision is simply financial, the Wake Stone and Conservation Fund proposals are practically equal, and in the context of RDU's Vision 2040 Plan might only be a rounding error.

Our four local governments, Wake and Durham Counties, and the Cities of Raleigh and Durham, authorized the Oddfellows Tract purchase grant for an aviation use and have an obligation to consider the issue, incorporating broader public participation in deciding the the value of conserving our area’s natural public lands.

PLEASE contact your local officials ASAP to tell them NO to a new quarry on RDU property!

Wake Stone's recent proposal is nothing more than a destruction of our Public Lands. Triangle Business Journal (TBJ) wrote an article Nov 26 2018 describing Wake Stone Corporation's proposal for a new quarry pit.  Wake Stone calls it a "Compromise."  We do NOT see any such thing!  While we appreciate TBJ covering this important issue, the poll paints an overly optimistic picture of the "compromise," and doesn't clearly articulate the downsides, nor the alternative of preserving the land.  Wake Stone Corporation graphics depict a fantasy of what it "might" look like in 35 years. By our our expert evaluation, these are unrealistic. 

And if you'd like to dig deeper,  here's a writeup we did on why we think a new quarry pit is the wrong choice for the future of the Triangle.

Sign the Petition

We have more than 12,000 signatures, but the more the better!  Be counted and show how important this is to the community.


Sign the Petition

Contact the Decision Makers

Call and email your county and city elected officials and the RDU Airport Authority Board.

Please be positive and respectful in your communications. Many of these decision makers want to see a win-win for the airport and the community.  But there are real hurdles and regulations that must be navigated, and it will require bold action - let them know you support this better vision. Let them know how important it is to have these centrally located, convenient trails. Let them know what a valuable asset a trail center and IMBA ride center would be, both for the residents and businesses in our community. And personal stories are always a nice touch.

The RDU International Airport is governed by the RDU Airport Authority board. Those board members are appointed by Durham County, Wake County, the City of Raleigh, and the City of Durham.  Contact your local city council and county commissioners and let them know you support our efforts.

Wake County:

Raleigh City Council members:

Durham County Commissioners:

Durham City Council Members:


Background and Overview of Concepts:

Counterpoints to Wake Stone Corporation's request to put a new rock quarry on the Odd Fellows Track:

Quarry Counterpoints by TORC and Umstead Coalition November 13 2018.pdf

Natalie Lew makes a great point: RDU’s Vision 2040 Should Compliment Wake County’s Destination 2028 Plan_2018 11 29, by Natalie Lew.pdf

Wake County's Destination Plan:

Our Solution: 

Concept maps: Concept Maps_RDU Forest 8-9-17.pdf

Concept portfolio document, highlighting case for the RDU Forest Trial Center: RDU Forest Enhancement Concepts.pdf

Logos of support organizations (PLEASE help us ADD to these!): RDU Forest Supporter logos.jpg

Powerpoint highlighting case for the RDU Forest Trail Center: Sierra Club-Capital Group July 19 2018 ppt 3.pdf

RDU Forest-May17 2017.pdf

October 2, 2017 Resolution to Preserve the Odd Fellow Tract, Wake County Commissioners

UNC School of Government - DFI Feasibility Analysis (requested and funded by the Wake County Commissioners): DFI REPORT Feasibility Analysis 2017-09-27.pdf

More information:
The Umstead Coalition is dedicated to the appreciation, use, and preservation of the William B. Umstead State Park and the Richland Creek Natural Area.
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